During the purchase you have the possibility to choose between different payment methods.

1) Credit Card
We accept all major credit cards Visa or operating in Mastercad, including Postepay cards or rechargeable. After selecting the method of payment by credit card, during the closing of the order, you’ll be redirected to the secure website of the bank for the transaction.

Attenzione: Nei primi giorni dal lancio del sito, per motivi tecnici, l’unica modalità di pagamento è tramite Paypal, è possibile utilizzare Paypal anche se non si possiede un account utilizzando la carta di credito 

Caution: In the first days after the launch of the site, for technical reasons, the only method of payment is via Paypal which you can use even if you do not have an account using a credit card

The bank authorizes only the amount of your purchase which will be charged to your card after order fulfillment. If the customer decides to cancel the order, the settlement by credit card will be canceled. The timing of release for certain types of cards, depend exclusively on the banking system and can be up to their natural expiry date (24 days from the date of authorization). When required the cancellation of the transaction, Amarelli can not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by the banking system. In the case where the order appears still to be sent over the 23 days from the date of submission, Amarelli debits the amount of the order on the credit card, although in advance of the shipment, in order to avoid the expiration of the authorization of the transaction (24 days). Amarelli reserves the right to request additional information to the customer such as sending copies of documents proving the ownership of the card used in payment. In the absence of the required documentation, Amarelli reserves the right to refuse the order.

2) Paypal
If the customer decides to buy with Paypal at the conclusion of the order will be directed to login page of Paypal. In this case the charge on the Paypal account takes place together with the completion of the transaction. Confirmation of payment by Paypal can not be instantaneous but require a certain amount of time, even several hours. Payment can be accepted only when it receives its email from Paypal inherent in the transaction just made. In some cases Paypal may require a review of the payment that can last up to 24 hours. In this case Amarelli will not proceed with the shipment until Paypal does not provide final confirmation of the payment. The review process will be communicated via email from Paypal. In case of cancellation, either by you that by Amarelli, the amount will be refunded to your Paypal account.

3) Cash on delivery
If the order is for an amount less than € 500 you can choose to pay cash to the courier. You can pay in cash for the exact amount. The courier will not accept checks of any kind.

4) Bank transfer
It will be possible to pay by bank transfer. The data to run it will be sent via email upon confirmation order. They are however given below.

IBAN: IT 94 L 05034 04000 000000164724
Intestato a Amarelli S.a.s.

In case of problems in the payment with credit card or Paypal, even after sending the order confirmation, we will not be obliged to ship the order. It can happen that the institution that issued your card or Paypal require verification of payment. In this case we can not proceed with the shipment until the final confirmation of payment.

The online transactions by credit card and Paypal are made on their websites, using secure servers that use the security system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This protocol allows you to communicate in a manner designed to prevent the interception, alteration or falsification of information. Amarelli is never aware of the data of credit cards or Paypal customer account.

The discount code is an alphanumeric code, inserted in the appropriate field in the basket, it allows a reduction of the price of some products or part of them. Each discount code always has an expiration date, and may have a limited number of uses. In no case is it possible to adopt a promotional code to an order already sent. If the customer confirms an order without entering the discount code correctly, or if he receives a promotion code from our email correspondence or a newsletter or our social channels, after he placed an order, we will not be able to repay the discount. If the customer has a problem in the application of the discount, or shows an error message, please contact us by email at or by telephone at 0983511219. If he receives a discount code from our email correspondence, from a newsletter or our social channels, to take advantage of the discount is necessary that it is used before it expires. We can not accept coupons after they have expired. The exact moment when a discount code expires, unless otherwise noted, is always at 23:59 on the day of expiration.