The Production

The best liquorice in the world, according to the authoritative voice of the Encyclopedia Britannica was born in Calabria. Wild plant belonging to the legume family by the scientific name of “Glycyrrhiza glabra” has been known for over 35 centuries and from its roots is extracted juice celebrated in time for the pleasantness and therapeutic properties.

After the harvest begins processing. With a mix of craftsmanship and technology all stages of processing, from raw material to finished product, they still take place in the ancient “Concio”, the original place of production

In departments now stylishly computer is done the selection process of the roots, juice extraction, cooking and concentration, but the final touch is still played by the “Master liquiriziaio” who personally oversees the right degree of solidification of the product.

The thick paste, black, shiny and fragrant takes the desired shapes through a series of prototype machinery which came out of the century-old business experience. In this way liquorice was born so in the shape of the Spezzata, the Rombetti, the Bianconeri and the Sassolini, the famous pebbles of Amarelli.

In the new packaging department liquorice are packed, finally, in the refined metal boxes or little tins that reproduce ancient images taken from the Archives of the House. The Liquorice of   Amarelli, appreciated in Italy and abroad, is now ready to start its travel all over the world.